After 37+ years in the newspaper business — both daily and weekly newspapers — I have stepped in a different direction. Not really sure what the specific direction is, but I am hoping to dabble in the freelance writing business. If it works out, perhaps “dabble” will morph into a fulltime job/business.

In the mean time, I am doing some substitute teaching, and hoping to catch on to a summer maintenance job with either a local state park or the city in which I reside.


I decided to try my hand at blogging so as to “exercise” my writing. I enjoy writing, and I truly miss the interview process and then feeling the excitement as a lead or story direction pops into my head. I really like telling people’s stories. One thing my newspaper work taught me is that everyone — I mean every person — has some kind of story. They may not even realize it, but that was what I really enjoyed about journalism — visiting with people, learning what their stories were, and then ferreting them out and re-telling that story to my readers.

My hope is that I can continue to do that as I develop a freelance career. So in the spirit of literature’s great storytellers … let’s start telling some stories.


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