Now these days are gone …. and I do appreciate your being ’round.

My independence seems to vanished in the haze.

Won’t you please, please help me!

…. I’m not so self assured.

We said our goodbye … ahhh, the night before.

When I held you near, you were so sincere.

When I think of things we did, it makes me want to cry.

Love was in your eyes.

… turn my face to the wall.

Everywhere people stare, each and every day.

Hey …

… in the state I’m in.

How could she say to me, love will find a way.

Love you all the time and never leave you.

I’m lonely as can be.

I didn’t realize, as I looked in your eyes.

You don’t want my lovin’ anymore.

So come on back and see, just what you mean to me.

But as from today, I’ve got somebody like you.

And so I’m telling this time, you better stop.

Through thick and thin she will always be my friend.

I ain’t no fool, and I don’t take what I don’t want.

If you don’t take her out tonight, she’s gonna change her mind.

Cuz I will treat her right my friend.

I’ll make a point of taking her away from you.

You’re gonna lose that girl.

I think it’s today.

And she don’t care.

Said she would never be free when I was around.

Before she gets to sayin’ goodbye.

But she don’t care.

My baby don’t care.

They’re gonna make a big star outta me.

Cuz I can play the part so well.

Then I’ll know that you will plainly see.

… about a man who is sad and lonely.

The biggest fool who ever hit the big-time.